Doctor Guided Neuropathy Recovery Program

What is a Doctor Guided Neuropathy Program?

A doctor guided neuropathy recovery program is a program for people suffering with peripheral neuropathy; and who want the experience and expertise of a leading neuropathy doctor specializing in drug free, non-invasive treatments designed to help repair and regenerate nerves.

What are the benefits of a Doctor Guided Neuropathy Program?

Many people are frustrated with the standard medical care for neuropathy which doesn’t address nerve repair, includes medications that provide little relief with significant side effects and leads to a progressively worsening condition.

The benefits of a Doctor Guided Neuropathy Recovery Program include:

• Identifies and Treats the Underlying Cause(s) of peripheral neuropathy
• Helps you navigate around obstacles which would impede your results
• Your progress is closely monitored
• Access to the doctors for questions and concerns
• No Side Effects
• Nerves Heal & Regenerate
• Long Lasting Relief
• Improved Function
• Eliminate Need for Pain Meds

      How does the Doctor Guided Neuropathy Program Work?

      The first step is a phone consultation, which will determine if you’re a good candidate for our program. During this consultation we’ll review your medical history, lab results and/or diagnostic tests. We’ll then provide you with a detailed assessment and treatment recommendations.

      Who are the doctors that oversee the program?

      The program is run by two of the World’s Leading Experts in Nerve Health, Dr. Coppola and Dr. Monteiro. Dr. Coppola & Dr. Monteiro are the founders of the San Antonio Neuropathy center, where they’ve been helping people recover from neuropathy for over 18 years. They’ve treated every type of neuropathy imaginable, from mild to the most severe cases from ages 13 to 98. 

      They’ve written a best-selling book on the topic called Defeat Neuropathy Now ... In Spite of Your Doctor. They are now teaching other doctors how to reverse neuropathy and often appear on TV educating the public on common neuropathy misconceptions and how to reverse neuropathy.

      Does my location matter?

      No. We work with patients throughout the United States and many international countries. Consultations are conducted by phone or Zoom, and treatments are prescribed that can be performed in the comfort of your home.

      Who’s a Good Candidate for the Doctor Guided Program?

      • Anyone diagnosed with peripheral neuropathy
      • People who are beginning to lose their balance
      • People losing feeling in their feet or hands
      • Anyone experiencing burning, numbness, tingling, cramping or sharp shooting pain (feet/legs or hands/arms)
      • People tired of taking medications such as Gabapentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta or Tramadol
      • Anyone who's been told they just need to learn to live with their neuropathy

        How do I get started?

        The first step is to set up a consultation with one of our doctors. We’ll have you fill out an online medical form and forward any diagnostic test you may have. A time will be set for you to talk to one of our doctors. We’ll review your medical history in detail. We’ll then provide you with a written assessment and recommended treatment plan.