Frequently Asked Questions

How does NUPHORIA work?

NUPHORIA utilizes a synergistic blend of vitamins, minerals, and enzymes that work together to repair damaged nerves. The ingredients used in NUPHORIA have been documented in clinical research to support normal nerve function, reduce inflammation, and reduce symptoms such as burning, numbness, tingling and aching pain. When proper nerve function is restored the sensitivity, pain, and numbness becomes a thing of the past!

Will NUPHORIA interfere with my current medications?

NUPHORIA is a supplement derived from concentrated whole food sources. It is not a medication, or a synthetically derived supplement and therefore will not interfere with current medications being taken. Many of our patients are on as many as 20 prescription medications (for other medical conditions) and have never experienced any conflict while taking NUPHORIA.

Are there any side effects with NUPHORIA?

There have been no reported cases of any side effects associated from consuming NUPHORIA to this date. What makes NUPHORIA so safe is that it's not chemically based nor a medication. It is a concentrated whole food source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids. These nutrients are necessary for normal nerve cell function. In addition, there are no toxic excipients (fillers), preservatives, or allergens (wheat, soy, nuts, dairy, or corn) used in NUPHORIA. NUPHORIA is produced with the freshest, organic whole food ingredients in a manufacturing plant that follows the strictest GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), as set forth by the FDA. If you typically experience acid reflux or GERD, NUPHORIA is best taken with meals or immediately following a meal.

Who should be taking NUPHORIA?

Anyone suffering with peripheral neuropathy symptoms; such as burning numbness, tingling, sharp shooting pain, achy or cramping pain or loss of balance should take NUPHORIA. Also, anyone who has been diagnosed with pre-diabetes or diabetes should take NUPHORIA. The ingredients in NUPHORIA have been shown in research studies to decrease insulin resistance, improve glucose handling and protect peripheral nerves from damage related to excess glucose. Drs. Coppola and Monteiro (who do not have peripheral neuropathy or any other health conditions) take NUPHORIA as a daily part of their maintenance regimen for its B vitamins, nerve protection, and to maintain great insulin sensitivity.

Are there other benefits to taking NUPHORIA?

Besides the tremendous benefits for Peripheral Neuropathy, NUPHORIA is also an excellent product for:

  • Diabetes or those with slightly elevated blood sugar
  • People with a Hemoglobin A1c of 5.7 or higher
  • People with increased Cardiovascular Risk (especially if you have elevated homocysteine levels)
  • People with poor circulation
  • People diagnosed with pernicious anemia
  • People with Restless Leg Syndrome
  • People who suffer from lethargy or low energy
How long will it take before I see results?

The physiological benefits from taking NUPHORIA will begin within 24 hours. However, the amount of time required to feel relief from the symptoms of burning , numbness, tingling or achy pain may vary from person to person. Some people begin to feel the relief within a few days - for others it may take longer. More severe cases, may take 60 – 90 days. The majority of NUPHORIA users will notice an improvement within 4 weeks or less. The key to getting results is consistency in taking NUPHORIA.

Anyone who has suffered with neuropthy for years should stay on NUPHORIA for at least 12 months after symptoms have abated (gone away). Peripheral nerves can take as long as 2 years to fully heal and regenerate, so continuing to take NUPHORIA (for 12 months) is imperative, even if you have experienced a dramatic relief in symptoms. You may continue to take a prophylactic maintenance dose of two NUPHORIA (indefinitely), daily, for long term nerve protection and prevention of relapse.

Will NUPHORIA work for me?

NUPHORIA has provided relief to literally thousands of people suffering from neuropathy pain and symptoms. However, each individual has varying degrees of peripheral nerve damage, along with possible other health conditions that may influence the outcome. For this reason, it’s hard to predict each person’s outcome. The vast majority of people who take NUPHORIA will benefit tremendously with a very good outcome; however, there may be a small percentage of people that only experience slight to no relief.

How long should I continue to take NUPHORIA?

When first taking NUPHORIA, it’s important to follow the regimen for at least 4 months (120 days). Most people will begin to see the benefits within 30 days and report that they are sleeping better, their energy level has improved and neuropathy symptoms have diminished. For more severe cases, it may take 90 – 120 days to see the same improvement. For people who have suffered from neuropathy for a number of years, I often recommend staying on NUPHORIA for a least 12 months. This is especially true if you suffer from other conditions that NUPHORIA has been shown to benefit; such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, pernicious anemia, or low energy levels.

Should I consult my neurologist or doctor before starting on NUPHORIA?

Keeping your doctor in the loop is always a good idea but the reality is -most doctors do not understand the science or effect of supplements. Since NUPHORIA is a whole food source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and essential fatty acids and not a medication, it will not interfere with any of your current medical treatment or medications.

Why should I choose NUPHORIA over another neuropathy formula?

Many of our competitors fall short when compared to NUPHORIA’s nutritional profile.

Many formulas either don’t include the vital nutrients that are essential for nerve repair as demonstrated in clinical studies and if they do have the right ingredients, they often lack the proper therapeutic dosage rendering them completely ineffective. For more information, please watch our videos: Vital Nutrients and The Right Dose.

How does the monthly membership work?

The monthly membership is designed for those who are truly committed to their health and want to save money. You save money by receiving the lowest cost on NUPHORIA Gold & Blue as well as various other products. Cancel or modify your auto ship order at any point in time.

What if I am already taking supplements with similar ingredients? Do I still need to

Extensive research has been conducted on NUPHORIA's synergistic blend and its ability to support nerve function. aid in nerve repair and reduce or eliminate symptoms. Not all supplements are created equally. Taking another similar supplement(s) may not produce the same desired results as NUPHORIA. We use only the highest quality of ingredients, with the best bioavailability and dissolution. All of the nutrients in NUPHORIA are pharmaceutical grade (the highest grade) and are manufactured in a facility that is cGMP certified and cleared by the FDA. If your goal is to achieve relief from neuropathy, then we recommend using NUPHORIA and shelving your other supplements, temporarily. NUPHORIA is formulated by doctors, who are researchers and have treated peripheral neuropathy for years.