Defeat Neuropathy Now: 16 Week Video Series

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Discover why your neuropathy is leaving you stuck in misery and how you can conquer it...permanently!

Join Dr. Monteiro and Dr. Coppola in this informative video series, as they help you uncover… “Why your neuropathy is leaving you stuck in misery and how you can conquer it…permanently!”

They will arm you with the information you need to know to speed up your recovery, improve your results and help you stay neuropathy free for the rest of your life.

In This Video Series You Will Discover:

  • MEDICATION OVERLOAD: which commonly prescribed medications are damaging your nerves and how to overcome the nerve damage.
  • Safe and Effective Pain Relief: Don’t become a victim of opioid crisis and addictions to gabapentin, Lyrica, Cymbalta (learn how to safely control your nerve pain without dangerous medications, while your nerves heal)
  • Using Infrared Laser for MAXIMUM nerve repair (getting maximum nerve regeneration/regrowth and repair)
  • Which Metabolic disorders can slow down nerve repair (learn how disorders like diabetes, kidney disease, thyroid disease and others can place a road block in your nerve health and what you can do to get continued nerve repair.)
  • BEYOND DETOX: why getting the toxins out isn’t enough to restore health. You MUST take these steps to replenish and rejuvenate your cells after they’ve been cleaned out
  • Speeding Up Your Recovery (Things you can do at home for a faster recovery)
  • Staying Neuropathy-Free...FOREVER!

This video series will highlight topics such as:

  • The scientifically based technology we use to reverse our patients’ neuropathy
  • Critical nutrients necessary to facilitate nerve repair
  • How to manage your pain and symptoms naturally without dangerous drugs
  • How inflammation causes nerve damage and interferes with nerve repair
  • How to get back to sleeping again
  • Medications and diseases that may be causing your nerve damage
  • Daily habits which may be hindering your progress
  • How to stay ‘Neuropathy Free’ once you’ve recovered

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