Neuromodulatation Therapy: 

A High-Tech Solution for Symptom Reduction

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Some of the key benefits of neurostimulation for reducing pain, aiding nerve recovery, and preventing muscle atrophy:


Pain Reduction: Neurostimulation can target specific areas of the nervous system to alleviate chronic pain. It's often used when other treatments have failed, providing a non-pharmacological alternative to managing pain.


Nerve Recovery: Stimulating the nerves can encourage their healing and regeneration. It can help improve nerve function after an injury or damage by promoting the repair of neural pathways, speeding up recovery time.


Prevents Muscle Atrophy: With improved nerve function, the muscles they innervate can stay healthy and active. Neurostimulation helps maintain muscle tone and prevents atrophy, which often results from disuse or nerve damage.


Non-Invasive Options: Neurostimulation techniques, are non-invasive and can be administered easily by non-professionals.  


Improved Quality of Life: By managing pain and improving nerve function, neurostimulation can significantly enhance patients' daily life, enabling them to engage in activities they previously couldn't due to pain or impaired movement.


Reduction in Medication Use: Neurostimulation can reduce reliance on medications, particularly opioids, for pain management. This can minimize the risk of drug dependency and side effects associated with long-term medication use.


Cost-Effective in the Long-Term: While initial costs can be high, over time, neurostimulation can prove to be a cost-effective solution, especially for patients suffering from chronic pain or long-term nerve damage.


Please consult with a healthcare professional to get personalized advice and to understand if neurostimulation therapy would be suitable for your specific condition.

- 1 Refurbished Neuro-Care Unit

- Electrical Leads

- Electrode Pads

- 30 Day warranty

Detailed instructions will be provide specific to each individual.