The Healing Power of Affirmations

Posted by John Coppola on 23 Jan, 19

You have the power to help your body heal itself.

Have you ever heard of 2 terminal patients with the same exact disease, both receiving the same top-notch health care; only 1 person gets sicker and dies, while the other lives? Ever wonder why?

A healthy, positive mind equals a healthy body. Research has shown our minds and bodies work together in such a way that any thought or belief we have, whether positive or negative, impacts our physiology.

Gandhi once said:
Your beliefs become your thoughts,
Your thoughts become your words,
Your words become your actions,
Your actions become your habits,
Your habits become your values,
Your values become your destiny.

Research has revealed that we have between 45,000 to 51,000 thoughts per day., and for most people 80% of these thoughts are negative. The problem is that negative thoughts can become self-fulfilling prophecies.

Studies further show that diseases and health problems can first begin in the mind resulting from a single thought.

When we have a positive outlook, and we’re aligned with frequencies like happiness, gratitude, love, and joy, we have a higher, healthier cellular energy that resonates through us.

However, when we hold on to negative emotions, such as anxiety, anger, regret or shame, these emotions can interfere with normal cellular function making us prone to illness or disease.

A person can never be healthy if they constantly talk, think or worry about illness. Even if you are currently ill, it is necessary to have positive and health focused thoughts and to be surrounded by positive people. Every cell of our body is affected by our thoughts. Constantly worrying about a particular illness–you don’t currently have –can cause it to manifest in your body. On the other hand, engaging in constant thoughts of health and well-being makes it possible to have a healthy body and lead a healthy life.

Although, there are many ways we can become ill, a healthy mind is one our best and first line of defenses against sickness and disease.


The good news is, our thoughts and words can help us get healthy too! You can heal your life through positive affirmations.

Affirmations are positive statements that can help you challenge and overcome self-sabotaging behavior. Positive affirmations affect both the conscious and the subconscious mind. The words composing the affirmation, automatically and involuntarily, bring up related mental images into the mind, which can inspire, energize and motivate. Repeating affirmations influences the behavior, habits, actions and reactions on both a subconscious and conscious level. Here’s what affirmations can do…

  • They help you recover from a chronic disease or injury
  • They raise your confidence and self-esteem
  • They motivate.
  • They keep the mind focused on the goal.
  • They influence the subconscious mind and activate its powers.
  • They control negative feelings (frustration, anger, impatience)
  • Improve your productivity
  • They help you overcome a bad habit


Affirmations target a health goal, specific behavior or belief of your life that you may be struggling with. Here are a few tips to help you write positive affirmations.

1. Think about what needs to change in your life and make a list:

a) Effective affirmations are relevant to your current situation
b) Are you trying to recover from an illness or injury? Would you like to attract a better suited mate into your life?
c) Write down the areas or behaviors that you want to work on. Make sure they are compatible with your core values and the things that matter the most to you.
2. Turn negative talk into positive talk:
a) Identify any negative self-talk and turn it into a positive
b) Positive affirmations only include positive statements. The brain can’t easily process negatives, like…” I’m not fat” …instead say, “I am becoming fit and trim”.

3. Always write your affirmation in the present tense:

a) The brain works in the present. “I have” or “I am” Not “I will be”
b) Write and Speak your affirmation as if it’s already happening. For instance, if trying to overcome peripheral neuropathy you would say: “Now, I can be neuropathy free!”

4. Use words like ‘Now’, “choose,” “time,” “allow,” and “willing” so they imply a decision made by you

5. Say it with conviction, authority and belief:

a) Say your Affirmations like you mean them. Say them with conviction, authority and belief. For instance, “NOW, I CAN BE NEUROPATHY FREE!”
b) What you believe creates your reality



Remember that your thoughts create your reality! So, practice these positive affirmations daily to effortlessly tap into your subconscious, and soon you’ll feel the powerful effects of reprogramming your mind for health, love, happiness, success or anything else your heart desires.

Here’s how to implement daily affirmations:

A. Choose 3 of the most important affirmations to you, currently
B. Write these 3 affirmations on a note card or paper and make 2 copies. Tape one copy to your bathroom mirror and carry the other copy around with you to repeat throughout the day.
C. Start each morning by looking in the mirror, gazing into your left eye (this goes to the right side of your brain which is responsible for mental images) and repeat all 3 of the affirmations out loud and with conviction.
D. Repeat these 3 affirmations often throughout the day. (The more you say them, the more you will believe them…the stronger your belief the more you will act on them through your daily intentions; and through your actions your reality will begin to change.



  • Now, I can be outrageously healthy!
  • Now, I can do whatever it takes to be healthy!
  • I give myself permission to do whatever it takes to be healthy!
  • Now, I can love myself
  • This pain is only temporary and will pass
  • My body knows how to heal itself and is doing so even now!
  • I heal in my own time and I am patient with my body

Peace, Love & Gratitude

  • Now, I can forgive myself!
  • Now I can forgive others!
  • I choose to release all anger and resentment and replace it with love, kindness and compassion.
  • I let go of all judgement
  • I am grateful for all that I have
  • I have a purpose
  • Every day, I find reasons to be joyful, to laugh and to be happy
  • I radiate love, joy and happiness
  • I am at peace
  • I see beauty everywhere I look


  • I deserve to be happy right now!
  • I invite happiness into my life every day
  • Joy and happiness pour out from inside me


  • I am worthy of ____________ (fill in the blank)
  • I am surrounded by love every day in every way
  • I am developing and maintaining a healthy, loving group of friends
  • I am compassionate
  • I am patient
  • I am forgiving
  • I am humble
  • I am respectful


Affirmations are the easiest way to affect change in your life. Affirmations are most effective when they are coupled with intentions. After you say your affirmations, you will need to also say your intentions for the day as to what you are going to do and how you are going to behave to be in harmony with your affirmations. Always follow your affirmations with your intentions.

Changing the brain takes repetition. Continually practice your visualization, affirmations, and intentions over and over for a lifetime. Also, the brain does not delete. As you build new neural networks, the old, negative ones grow dormant, but they don’t go away. You will need to keep practicing your visualizations, affirmations, and intentions every day for the rest of your life to keep them dominant. Otherwise, you can easily slip back to your old, default mode.

Constantly update your affirmations as you learn and grow.

You can heal, change, grow, and have the most successful and rewarding life possible! Change is an inside job. Do the work on the inside to get the results you want on the outside.

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