Battery-Powered Controller for Infrared Pads

1 Battery-Powered Controller

  • Fewer Cords - More Freedom 
  • Pain Relief On-the-Go
  • Compatible with Any of our Soft  Infrared Therapy Pads

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  • Your Price: $695.00

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Product quantity is limited to 2 per user.

The Battery-Powered Controller is designed to be used with any of our soft infrared therapy pads. Now you have the freedom to enjoy your therapy while on the go.

If you purchase any two infrared therapy soft pads, you get a two port controller for free or upgrade to our Battery-Powered Controller for a $100 upgrade.


- Portable. Fits in your hand.

- Dimensions: 3.25″ x 5.75″ x 1″

- Replaces 2-Port Controller. 

- Operate 2 pads at once.

- Battery lasts 5-10 sessions. 

- Can charge during use. 

- Charging cord included. 

- Recharge in less than 3 hours.

- Light indicator for battery status.

- Auto turnoff in 20 minutes.

1 Battery-Powered Controller

It is important to understand that most people have suffered from neuropathy for many years, and, as such, there is no quick and easy fix. Contrary to what many doctors are telling their patients, damaged nerves can be healed.   Your nerves are not dead, they are damaged. Current research has demonstrated time and time again that nerves can be repaired with the appropriate treatment, as witnessed in our clinic every day.

The following protocol, is the same protocol we use in our clinic every day, with great results.


Important Note: 


For those of you who want to “Try it and See How it Works”you will be sadly disappointed. Nerves heal very slowly.  In fact, they are the slowest healing tissue in the body.  Because of this, it requires a significant commitment for substantial results. Typically, it will require four to six months of treatment to experience significant results.

Use of the infrared therapy is the single best way to accelerate your results when used in conjunction with NUPHORIA cm Gold and Nerve Defense.

Here’s how the (PBM) photobiomodulation device should be used.


  • Treatment should be done 20 minutes per leg twice a day allowing 3 hours between each session.
  • Treatments should be done 6 – 7 days per week. Consistency is crucial!
  • Treatments should be done for 4 – 6 months depending on desired results.

Although this treatment requires a significant commitment, patients who have been suffering with neuropathy for years, will often report the following changes in as little as 3 – 6 months:


  • Significant reduction in pain, burning, numbness, and hyper-sensitivity.
  • Significantly improved balance.
  • Improved circulation in lower legs and feet.
  • Restored skin health and color.
  • Improved sensory feeling in legs.



Always wash the affected area with soap and water before applying the Infrared Therapy device. There should never be any cream, lotion or ointment on the affected area prior to applying the Infrared Therapy device. Failure to follow this step can cause skin irritation or burns.


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